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Mysterious Gemstones Stories

1. Indian women’s Jewelry and The Spiritual Dimensions

2. Diamond

3. Tech Solves Hope Diamond Mystery

4. Mystery Diamonds :Geoscientists Investigate Rare Carbon Formation

5. The Notorious Hope Diamond

6. Cartier's savvy sales pitch

7. The curse of the Hope diamond

8. Chalk Emerald Ring

9. Maharaja Exhibition: The Splendor of Indian Royal Courts

10. Koh-i-Noor Indian government is working at with present British government to return all stolen/looted wealth especially precious items

11. Tips of Mysore maharajas gem collection

12. Famous and historical emerald

13. Princess Bamba Dalip Singh’s collections,

14. Mysore maharajas collection of art and jewelry

15. Holker maharajas collection

16. Maharani Gayatri Devi of jaipur

17. Baroda maharajas pearl collection

18. Baroda maharani sita Devi

19. Baroda maharajas real pearl carpet (please note one real pearl cost $1000-$5000 apiece) watch it a beauty

20 . Baroda’s world famous pearl necklace

21. Latest Fashion Jewellery - Gold and silver mix jewellery

22. How the Kohinoor was won and lost