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What Our Customers Say

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"I feel that the service and benefits that I have received as a result of New Dynamic's Vedic Gemstone therapy have been very, very helpful to me.  Specifically in the areas of protection, health and finance - I have been well assisted. Niranjan Mehta's combination of Vedic Astrology - which has been completely accurate - and his prescription of Vedic Gems, have directed and assisted me through some very difficult life experiences in the last couple years. I wear the gems constantly and have, through experience, come to put faith and belief in them. Thank you, Niranjan."

Crystal Demonte (a.k.a) – Financial Executive, Fredericksburg, VA - Astrologer

"The Gemstones are working in my life and in a time that is most difficult for me and my charts. My design and marketing business is picking up now as a result. I cannot wait for a few months and life will become very clear for me. Thank you. I am happy."

Robert – Advertising Manager, San Diego, CA - Astrologer

"I found Nick while browsing the web. I was a bit nervous about picking an astrologer from an ocean of web sites...but the phone call made the difference! Nick brought me to ease with his easy going and down to earth humor. I became calm. He is a true man of astrology. His insight is fresh and real life! No frills. And uncanningly accurate. By the time I got off the phone, I was sure that I had not picked just any ole astrologer-I chose Nick!"

LL-holistic physician and writer, Washington D.C. - Astrologer

"I like the shape and pure colour of my emerald and blue sapphire a lot. Every time I look at the gems, I can feel their energy. My life hasn't drastically changed for better since I wear them, but I feel more structured in my life--and that's something as well. And things haven't gotten worse!!!!! I'm very happy that I found Niranjan via internet and I can keep in touch with him. He always gives me wise and very precious advice, when I'm in need for support. I'm glad to have a friend in California!"

Susan Zimmerman – Munich, Germany - Astrologer

"Looking back and comparing dates that you have given me with actual events, I find the accuracy of your predictions is amazing. Moreover, I appreciate the wisdom in the advice you give to help make "the road" a little easier. You have helped me to be cautious when I might not have, and it really helped. I also enjoy your humor and talking with you."

Sheala Browning – Owner of Browning Publications in Atlanta - Astrologer

" I would highly recommend anyone who is thinking of having a reading to first consider calling Niranjan, if your looking for a deep meaningful reading then I am confident you have found the right expert, the information may not be what you want to hear but what you need to hear in order to open your eyes to your personal or professional situation, and then to take the necessary steps to protect you through transitions in your life. Thank You Niranjanbhai for helping me during this very important time. "

Priti Odedra Vice President Business Development. Revenir and Charme Skincare System. - Astrologer

"When I contacted Nick 10 years ago I was in a difficult situation on many levels. Emotionally and economically. Things were not working out for me and my family. Nick came up to the rescue with this lovely ring that I don't part from it for ever. I saw immediate change in my situation, everything started to fall in place. And my life is more balance. Thank you for advising me & guiding me in the last decade."

Sara E. – Nutritionist, Framington, MA - Astrologer

"I have been with Niranjan Mehta's Vedic program for the last three years. My life has totally changed. At first the changes were subtle and went unnoticed, but now that I look back on them, I see a great difference. My income has gone up from $300.00 a week to $ 1100.00 a week. I am much happier & a more content person. Everything around me makes sense and I see things in a clear manner. I am no longer tormented as I used to be! For me your prescribed gemstones work wonders."

Sally Eller, Boston, MA - Astrologer

"Nick has been helping me for a few years now on reading my Vedic astrology chart. His skilled reading of my chart has helped me make informed decisions that have benefited me tremendously. I have been wearing the gemstones he provided for a few months and now I notice that everything just works better. My own "gut" on making decisions has improved dramatically. Nick is a caring, positive person and an absolute pleasure to work with."

Joe – Advertising Sales Manager, Los Angeles, CA - Astrologer

" I would like to sincerely thank Nick for his wonderful insights and wisdom. Since my first reading, I have been continuously impressed with the accuracy of his guidance and practical advice. The gemstones that he recommended seem to reinforce and strengthen the positive outcome of my interactions and events. They are also quite beautiful. "

Barbara – Bio Chemist scientist (California) - Astrologer